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I S A I B A  

Image by dan carlson


Isaiba is a Norwegian artist, singer-songwriter, flutist, life coach and workshop leader on the verge of releasing her first singles and albums as a solo artist in 2023. Her first release is "The Ocean", about the soulful connection between us and the world.

Her music is as diverse and deeply immersing as her commitment to spirituality and personal growth.


Every tone and lyric is an invocation for the loving and beautiful world she wishes to see. She improvises and creates meditative music and sound baths together with the pianist and co-creator of Ojas & Isaiba.


You can listen to their first two published albums on all platforms here.

She also performs flute-beatboxing on occasion.



Just after their second meeting, energy sparked and their first song Butterfly spread its wings. Sharing an intense passion for truth, adventure and creativity, the music of Ojas & Isaiba reflects this keen presence and vulnerability. Their first album Sound Journeys is pure improvisation created in the moment. Their second album is a deeply soothing Sound Bath experience.


With various backgrounds from classic to jazz, they explore music with a variety of genres that is rich in dynamics and innovative arrangements with vocal, piano, flutes, tibetan singing bowls and percussion. 


The journey started with the improvised sound journeys. It continues deeper into the meditative sound baths. From there anything can happen..

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